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24110 Leaky Valley Road, Keystone, SD,

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About Us

About Us

Garrett and Kate Shields

We purchased this property in the fall of 2017. At the time, it was a former bed and breakfast on 20 acres, but it hadn't been in operation for some time. The property needed updates throughout and a vision for the future. We both grew up in the area and knew we wanted to have a lodging business in the Black Hills one day, and it didn't take long for us to fall in love with this beautiful property!  

That first winter we renovated the 5100 square foot house by dividing it into separate vacation rentals, rather than one large bed and breakfast concept. With the help of family and friends, we were able to do most of the work ourselves. Garrett handled the tools, while Kate was in charge of the design. And with that, Hinterwood was born! We saw our first guests in the spring of 2018 with three different rentals.  

We knew we wanted to expand and make use of all the land, so we began building two new sister cabins that same summer. We were still building ourselves, so the process took almost a year to complete. It was so much fun to design these spaces from scratch, rather than working with a renovation. The new Hinterwood cabins became available in June of 2019. We are excited to continue fixing up this property and create a unique experience for our guests! Follow along with us on Instagram and watch us transform Hinterwood, see what we're building next, and see what it's like to live in the Black Hills of South Dakota! 
- Kate + Garrett


Hinterwood Inn & Cabins

An unforgettable Black Hills experience...

The Stars from the Hinterwood Valley

Hinterwood is nestled in a quiet valley in the Black Hills of South Dakota and is centrally located to all the nearby attractions, including a 7.3 mile drive to the Mt. Rushmore National Monument. Formerly a bed & breakfast, the 5,000+ sq. ft. lodge has been remodeled into separate family rental units, with character to reflect the area and a cabin-like experience.

The Hinterwood property encompasses nearly 20 acres of a peaceful valley bordered by Black Hills National Forest to the North and East. Guests can walk right out their front door for a beautiful hike on public lands. Among other trails and Forest Service roads to walk, you will have quick access to the noteworthy Centennial Trail, which is a 111-mile hiking trail that stretches through the Black Hills from Bear Butte to Wind Cave. The Centennial Trail will also lead you to Horse Thief Lake for a swim after just a ~25 minute hike.

The History of The Property
The Hinterwood valley is named Leaky Valley, but affectionately referred to as “Leaky Leaky Valley” by locals, and is a historic valley. Doane Robinson, who conceived the idea for Mt. Rushmore and gained Gutzon Borglum's support, lived at the entrance of the valley. The lean-to shelter built into the rock is where Gutzon Borglum stayed on his initial visits to see the Black Hills. Gutzon Borglum went on to become the creator and sculptor of the Mt. Rushmore monument, of which you must see.

The lean-to, while recently renovated, can still be seen as you pass up the valley to get to Hinterwood, but please note, this is private property. Please enjoy it from the road as you travel up to Hinterwood, where your beautiful Black Hills vacation begins!