The Hinterwood Valley
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24110 Leaky Valley Road, Keystone, SD,

Special Events, Weddings, + Family Reunions

At this time, Hinterwood does not host special events of any kind — including weddings, or family reunions where outside guests and vehicles are coming for the day. We do not have large gathering places or excess parking beyond what is allowed per cabin. We only provide lodging for your nearby events, if needed.

Each cabin has a maximum number of guests allowed to stay and make use of the cabin (somewhere between 4-8 people, depending on the cabin) and includes 1-3 parking spots per cabin (depending on the size of cabin).

What does this mean? If you have booked one or more rentals at Hinterwood, you are not allowed to host special gatherings beyond those limitations set per cabin (i.e. the number of guests and vehicles). For example, if you are hosting a family reunion in the area, Hinterwood can not be used as a home base for family gatherings with groups of people who are not staying on the property to come make use of the property for the day. However, if your family reunion only includes the guests staying at Hinterwood, where the number of guests and vehicles do not surpass the maximums listed per cabin, that is totally acceptable and we’re happy to host your family.

Please email us if you have any questions at all!