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24110 Leaky Valley Road, Keystone, SD,

Frequently Asked Questions

Check-In / check-out times:

Check-in is at 4:00pm, and check-out is at 10:00am. If you want to arrive early, please communicate with us in advance and we can prioritize which rentals get cleaned first.

What is your cancellation policy?:

See our Terms and Conditions here.

What is the check-in process?

We have a self check-in process with no lobby or office on-site. About a week prior to your arrival you will receive your check-in instructions, which will include your door key code, wifi information (we don’t have cell reception!), parking instructions, etc. This is very important information to review in advance so you don’t get lost or locked out! 

Is WiFi available?:

Free WiFi is provided throughout property. It is satellite internet (with pretty good speeds) but it’s possible it’s not the blazing fast speeds you’re used to at home. We don’t have trouble streaming or checking emails, but you should know that speeds will vary based on the location of the satellites and the weather.

Is there cell phone reception?:

Cell phone reception is very spotty / non-existent around the property (and throughout the Black Hills). The wifi allows you to communicate, and a little hike up the hill will give you cell reception.

Do animals live on the property?:

We have a 25 lb. mini Aussiepoo, Millie, that is often on the property with us, as well as some free-ranging chickens that live on-site. Millie is generally on a leash when guests are around and our chickens have become quite friendly with guests. You may also see wild animals such as deer, marmots, and turkeys around the property.

Are pets allowed at Hinterwood?:

Some of our cabins are dog friendly and some are not. Please email us at to inquire about bringing your dog along! We have pet guidelines that you must agree to in advance, and your dog must be added to your reservation prior to your arrival.

Do the rentals have heat and A/C?:

Yes, all of our rentals have heat and A/C. You will find a PTAC heating/cooling unit in the rental. Some of our rentals have gas fireplaces for additional heating options.

Do the rentals have TV?:

Yes, each unit has a TV with a DVD player, as well as some DVDs. The TVs do not have cable or access to local channels, so guests are encouraged to bring their own DVDs if they or their children plan on watching TV — or enjoy those provided by us in the rental.

What is provided in the rentals?:

Each rental includes towels, bedding (including additional sets for sleeper sofas or murphy beds), cookware, dining ware, silverware, paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, hand soap, and bar soap in the showers (no shampoo). We have regular coffee makers in all rentals and provide some coffee, as well as coffee filters. Each rental has a gas grill (with grilling utensils) and roasting sticks for the fire pit.

Where can we get firewood for the fire pits?:

Each rental has its own private fire pit. Guests can purchase firewood on-site located at the wood shed. Firewood is $10 a laundry basket and is a self serve process with a money drop box. More information, as well as a property map, is located in the guide book found inside your cabin.

Are gas grills provided for cooking?:

Yes, each rental has a private outdoor deck or patio area with a gas grill.

Are there grocery stores nearby?:

You can get groceries from Krull’s Market, a smaller grocery store in Hill City (~10 minutes away), or there are many larger chain grocery stores in Rapid City (~30 minutes away).

Are there restaurants nearby?:

You will find a number of great restaurant options close by in Keystone and Hill City, which are only 4-6 miles in either direction (10-15 minutes or less driving). There are also great restaurants in Custer (~25 minutes away) and Rapid City (~30 away).

How close is Mt. Rushmore?:

Hinterwood is only a 7.3 mile drive from Mt. Rushmore. It might take 15-20 minutes to get there depending on how busy Keystone’s main street is to get through.

Are laundry services available?:

No, there are no laundry services on-site, but there are laundromats available in Keystone and Hill City (~10-15 minutes away).

Can we explore around the Hinterwood property?:

Absolutely! We would encourage any guest to feel free to explore Hinterwood’s nearly 20 acres, as well as explore the Black Hills National Forest land that borders us to the North and East.  We only ask that you kindly respect our neighbors to the South and West and stay off of their private property. See the Hinterwood property map for details:

What is the weather going to be like?:

The Black Hills has temperate summer weather. Days are usually warm and filled with sunshine, and nights can be cooler because of the elevation (Hinterwood’s elevation is 4,860 ft.). This elevation can also bring some afternoon thunderstorms in the summer months.